Tuesday tips 7

Practical up-to-date advice for book marketers. Got a tip to share? Email me.

Media: Do you Squidoo? Margaret Muir does. And Susan Higginbotham. Information from Seth Godin about what Squidoo can do for authors here. Some useful opinion from dearauthor.com on what every author’s website should contain. “The web is one of the best medium to market/ promote to a niche audience,” according to In My Books blog, who knows what she’s talking about – she does online marketing for a living. She says, “the modern day author without an online presence… risks alienating themselves from new and younger readers.”

Inspiration: In the vicinity of Santa Rosa, CA, U.S.? Literary attorney Robert G. Pimm is speaking on various aspects of publishing including book marketing on Sunday, 12th November. Not in the vicinity of Santa Rosa? You can still read the summary of the talk on book marketing I gave at this year’s RNA Conference here.


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2 responses to “Tuesday tips 7

  1. ag

    Gee, thanks for picking up on my conversation. I do so hope more authors would make their presence felt online, be it with alone, with a group, or with a publisher.

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