Why Marketing for Authors 2.0?

Answer: I probably read too much hype about the internet and the overused buzz word of 2006 is Web 2.0. There’s even a Web 2.0 conference going on at the moment. Look, I used to work for a dot com company. I had my first website in 1994. I guess I’m kind of interested in it.

But one of the things that struck me this week since I started this blog in 2005 is how the internet has developed even further for author marketing than just one year ago. More and more authors are active online. 2-3 years ago the online landscape to an author looked like this:

  • own websites
  • a handful of industry websites
  • email lists
  • discussion boards
  • chat rooms
  • and a new thing called blogs

Now to add to this we have:

  • social networking sites, e.g. MySpace
  • numerous niche communal websites, blogs and online communities
  • interactivity (i.e. streaming media) e.g. YouTube, video reviews
  • voice-over-ip e.g. skype

The internet is changing the communications landscape – and quickly – and this all has implications for authors. What’s niche today might be mainstream tomorrow. And the advantage of getting in on the niche? Well, your voice will be heard first before the masses move in.



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2 responses to “Why Marketing for Authors 2.0?

  1. Hi Kate. Very interesting and useful site you have here. Are you on myspace? I know you think it’s a bit old news, but I would love to add you.

  2. Hi Roger,
    Thanks for the kind comments. Certainly am on MySpace, although my MySpace space could do with some pimping up…



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