Stephen King is in Watford

Rumours flying about on email and on IM this afternoon. Asking, is it true that Stephen King is in Watford tonight? Watford being only a few miles from where I live in Hertfordshire, England, it was understandbly causing a little excitement among local writers and book lovers.

However, there was some doubt that it was true. After all:

  • Stephen King is a legend
  • He’s reputed to be appearing not just in Watford, but at Asda supermarket, Watford

OK, I IM-ed back, lemmie find out.

(Not like I’m not doing anything useful this afternoon of course, like real work. And as this is my home turf maybe I should know about it.)

Five minutes later (I’m very efficient). Yes, Stephen King really is in the UK this week and he is really doing a book signing at Watford Asda tonight. In about 7 minutes time. 

Unfortunately too late to tip a wink at my local journalist contacts, in case there’s an interview or photo opportunity in there for them. Ack. Who would have thought Stephen King would come to Watford, of all places.

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