A fine art

I typically end up going to the Post Office at least once a week to post out books etc. It’s a chore – a bit like doing the ironing – and therefore I have it down to a fine art.

I manage to locate correctly-sized envelopes, write my little notes, paperclip the slips, and print off the one real letter on headed paper the right way around first time. All while I am also on the telephone getting out of the way a couple of calls. Have to wait until I was off the phone before doing the masking tape bit. Then, chuck assorted packages in glamorous carrier bag, grab handbag/mobile/coat and I’m off.

The optimal time to hit the Post Office is about 20 minutes before closing. And today I am rewarded: a one person queue. Before I sharpened up I’ve been there with 30-40 people in front of me in the line and that means a half-hour wait.

5 minutes later, all done. Hurrah. Until next week.

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One response to “A fine art

  1. Ian

    Ooh. Nice tip on the PO.

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