New Amazon cover upload procedure

I was a bit dismayed to discover last week that Amazon had a new cover upload procedure involving FTP. I’m not sure how many people outside of business will be familiar with FTP. However, after following the new guidelines to the letter on Friday the cover I sent them has appeared today. Hurrah! So, while the technology has got a bit more challenging for authors, at least it looks like the days of having to wait months for your cover to appear after you’d emailed it in are over.

So, here’s a quick guide to getting your cover on ( also uses FTP but check their guidelines for specific instructions rather than using the links here).

  • Read the guidelines in the help section about adding images to books
  • The four important things are to save your cover image as:
    • a flat image, no borders etc
    • as a tiff or jpeg file
    • measuring 500 pixels on its longest side
    • named exactly as its ISBN. e.g. 12345678901.jpg
  • Then, email Amazon to retrieve the FTP username and password information. Email address is here. You will get an automated message back with these details.
  • If you’ve not got ftp software, you’ve got two options:
    • Download it for free, or a free trial version. e.g. I’ve used SmartFTP before and it can be downloaded for a free trial within 5 minutes.
    • Ask a friend to do the next bit. Most businesses will have FTP, and certainly anyone who is working with graphics, from designers to marketing people.
  • Finally, upload your image into the amazon upload file. You should not create a subdirectory or do anything, simply upload it. This shouldn’t take you more than 20 seconds, although once it’s uploaded in the directory you can’t see it, so there is a bit of the leap of faith involved.
  • Wait five days as Amazon say that correctly uploaded images should appear on the site by then.

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  1. Thanks for your helpful instructions, Kate.

    Take care,

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