Rule 11: Network!

The 11th rule of marketing for authors is one word: network! The marketing-savvy author actively engages in networking. Why? Because networking can bring:

  • access to inside information
  • valuable contacts to pro-actively improve your book marketing
  • unexpected marketing opportunities

Networking is so valuable that it’s one of two main reasons I run the marketing for authors email list. Authors can swap marketing tips here, but they can also network. It’s also the reason why, when I put together the programme for Get Writing 2007 conference we’re not simply having lunch, we’re having a networking lunch.

Networking involves making and keeping contacts, and helping others. Authors should be networking with:

  • Other authors, in their own genre and outside it
  • Staff at their publishers and elsewhere
  • Booksellers, and others engaged in book trade
  • Librarians, festival organisers and literature development officers
  • Journalists, book reviewers and other writers

And potentially also:

  • Literary agents
  • Web designers and online marketing specialists
  • Active members of clubs and associations
  • Course and conference organisers
  • Marketing and media professionals
  • Book group organisers
  • Book enthusiasts
  • Enthusiasts in book’s subject matter

Networking is not only about having a valuable address book. It’s about helping others. The single most valuable thing you can do is help other authors. If you’re free with your favours, in turn you’re much more likely to find help and opportunities offered to you.

How to network then? Online, make sure your email address is available so others can contact you privately. Offline, get yourself business cards and make sure to hand them out to those you meet.

There are a variety of places where you can network. Choose those which suit:

  • Online forums, clubs, email lists, events, blogs
  • Author and writing associations
  • Writing conferences and literature events
  • Book trade events
  • Asking friends for referrals


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  1. I’m always looking for new ways to network with others. i’m a new children’a author
    How many others are their?

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