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CC Harrison

My book cover’s gotten rave reviews, writes CC Harrison. I can see why. The setting is Monument Valley, but it could be lunar. There’s an other-world quality to the landscape with its powerfully-balanced reflection.

Red is a powerful colour and is associated with vitality and action. It grabs the attention (which is one reason why my PR business is called Red Wave Communications). It also symbolises heat, passion and danger. You would not pick this book up in a bookshop and expect a gentle read.

The font used for the title is intriguing. It has little hooks, which add to the sense I think the reader has already got of an other-world. By contrast the font used for the author’s name is deceptive. It seems rounded and therefore weak, but it is actually very strong, and enforced by being in capitals and in stark white. White can be hot too. The sense given here is that CC Harrison is an authority. I was surprised to discover that this is in fact CC Harrison’s first novel. The impression being given by the cover is that CC Harrison is someone I should have heard of already.


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  1. Red is an excellent colour for grabbin attention. My book, “Christmas in the Maritimes” is red with gold foil lettering and after five weeks it is in it’s third printing.

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