Tuesday tips 10

Practical tips for book marketers.

Got a tip? Email me. 

Media: The best free directory of UK media – magazines, radio and TV – is here at UK Media. Have you thought about approaching a specialist magazine about your book? Or seeing if your local radio station would like to interview you? Local BBC stations or local community radio tend to have a lot of talk airtime to fill.

Sales promotion: Check which online retailers are offering your book cheapest at book price comparison website Book Butler.

Research: Add to your favourites Grumpy Old Bookman, who is the UK’s premier book trade commentator. And Miss Snark, U.S. literary agent who tells it as it is. And here’s another UK bookseller.



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2 responses to “Tuesday tips 10

  1. Thanks for the link to the Book Butler.
    I’d not heard of that site/facility before.
    Unfortunately it does not provide prices in Australian dollars or postage costs down under, but it does provide some interesting comparisons and outlets especially for European based authors.
    Marg Muir

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