Tuesday tips 11

Practical tips for book marketers.

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Reviews: Don’t shy away from sending your books to places which have a reputation for being harsh, says Michelle Styles. The review of her novel, Gladiator’s Honour, on Smart Bitches Trashy Books blog this week led to a huge amazon.com rankings spike. And now the amazon.com spike has become a talking point in itself – see comment on this blog.

Online: Give – and you shall recieve. Don’t forget to have content that delivers on your website and/or blog. I’m part of a group of authors writing a round robin Christmas story on our group blog, which has led to a recent upturn in our blog traffic.

Research: A friend of mine, J. Harry Edmiston, co-produced a TV series, The Publicists, about the experience of being a film publicist at the Toronto Film Festival. Although less glamorous, the experience of being a book publicist is eerily similar! Watch the trailer.

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