Book cover 4

Jenna Black

Jenna Black’s cover got changed after feedback from a retailer. Yes, this often happens. If you’re interested you can see the old cover here on Jenna Black’s blog.

But let’s look at this cover on its own, since this is the cover the book buyer in the book store will see.

What I like about this cover is it’s cinematic quality. The title is almost painted – big and bold – as if it’s a film poster, not just a book. This gives the impression that here we have a big story. There’s a flag top left alerting us to the fact that it’s “paranormal romance”. Perhaps this is necessary as there is nothing in the cover itself to indicate that is a romance. There’s a woman, some intense-looking eyes and a moon. And further back in the purple background, some dark birds in flight, and a high-rise building. Combined with the title, every cue is that this is a dark tale, full of mystery. The high-rise building says “urban”. The woman intrigues as her eyes are closed and her head held back. We get the impression that her mind is somewhere else entirely.

Purple has a long, historical association with royalty. But here it’s a more contemporary purple: a purple associated with the psychedelic 1960s, associated with music artists from Jimi Hendrix to Prince. This purple warns us that things may not be as they seem. Infused into the darkness of night, it warns us we should be afraid.

There’s a sophisticated veneer to this cover which makes a change from the usual “vampires = blood” cover formulae. However, I find it a little text-cluttered, and this distracts a little from the impact of the imagery. The endorsement (puff) takes up three whole lines.

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One response to “Book cover 4

  1. Far too busy a cover and the fonts are all over the place. Looks cheap and sleazy. A definite no-no.

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