Tuesday tips 12

Practical tips for book marketers.

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Reviews: A UK national newspaper told me today that they get sent 120,000 books a year to review. I’m not exactly sure how many they review but it’s certainly less than 1%. As my husband said, when I mentioned this to him, is “well, it’s effectively another slush pile then, but for published books.” So think creatively when you’re sending copies off for review. Local publications or specialist press might be a better use of your review copies.

Press: Don’t forget that Christmas is down-time for journalists too and deadlines are often brought forward to allow this. So don’t try pitching or press releases over the Christmas and New Year period.

Research: A date for your 2007 diary. I’m speaking on Internet Marketing for Authors in central London on 10th March, at a special session organised by the RNA. The other speaker is book marketing expert, Alison Baverstock.

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  1. “Local publications or specialist press might be a better use of your review copies.”
    I agree but think it is essential to contact the paper/mag first and ask if they are interested in reviewing rather than a copy of a book just arriving on their desk unannounced.
    By presenting enough info/teasers to interest them in your work, you might find it leads onto a feature article.
    Only if the publication expressed some interest in your work do you arrange for your publisher to send them a copy.
    From the point of view of new authors, I feel that unsolicited copies sent anywhere are virtually a waste of time.
    Marg Muir

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