Book cover 5

Now here’s a mystery cover that grabs you by the throat. The feel is up-to-date and sparse. I expect it would be nearly impossible for a mystery buyer seeing this on a table in a book store not to be intrigued enough to pick it up within seconds.

It seems at first that we’ve got so little to go on: a weathered, graveyard angel, a disturbed sky. Yet this is a simple deception in itself and this cover is a very good example of how quickly we can pick up a number of cues without consciously being aware we are doing so.

The font is cleverly reminisant of the kind of raised lettering often seen on tombstones. While the angel suggests peacefulness in death, we see at once the irony as soon as we read the title. The clouds scudding across a changing sky reinforce this tension.

The blues, greys and whites are all cold, yet there is a peep of pink in the sky in the lower right hand corner. And the author endorsement at the very top isn’t in cold white as we might expect, but in green, a colour we associate with nature and life. More intrigue. More tension.

This cover delivers a compelling conflict loaded with mystery, and we’d expect the story to be the same.

Michael W Sherer’s website is here.

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One response to “Book cover 5

  1. The cover is OK but it’s been done so many times before. I’ve even got a crime novel lurking on the shelf somewhere with a very similar cover. A little lazy, I thought, on the part of those responsible for the cover art.

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