The J K Rowling Scale

If you are an author and you’ve not yet been compared to J K Rowling, I want to know.

“But J K Rowling was rejected by many publishers!” they say. Or, “You know J K Rowling’s first advance was very small.” Or even, “J K Rowling sat in those cafes writing away, and little did she know then how successful she’d be.”

So, your well-meaning friends place you on a lower rung of what I call The J K Rowling Scale. Please reject it right away.

If you’ve already won against the odds and collected a file full of rejections as well as a publishing contract, you’ll know what a lottery it is. And the lottery doesn’t stop there. You might lose out in the great cover art lottery. Your publisher may not be willing or able to promote. You may not get great distribution.

You probably almost certainly will not get that Hollywood film deal.

The marketing savvy author takes a realistic view about what’s achievable given the constraints and circumstances, and sets realistic and achievable goals.

If you go out of your way to market your books you almost certianly will sell more than your publisher is expecting. You will have achieved a success which no one can take away from you. Don’t let them keep telling you you’re still not J K Rowling. Be who you are and be glad that you’re doing what once you dreamed about.

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