Mea culpa

The beginning of 2007, for one certain publicist, has been mad busy. So I’ve not written any tips today. It’s 23:24 and I’ve just finished for the day. I’ve got to go to London tomorrow and thus I had to write a proposal today to go to the U.S., which I only received the full brief for late yesterday, and had to spend this morning gathering third party costs as well as liaising with a Japanese agency about a possible TV feature. (Fingers crossed on both, please. I love working with Americans and getting your clients on TV means big brownie points). Plus I had a business breakfast this morning, and then later a meeting with an arts festival organiser. Phew! I guess I didn’t go into this for the quiet life.

Maybe there is a lesson there that you can get quite a bit done if you put your mind to it. There are still about 40 things on my urgent to-do list however…

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