What goes into a book press release

As I have just been writing a couple of book press releases, it seems like a good time to share with you what every book press release should contain IMHO:

1. Book title

2. Key details: i.e. author, price, publication date, publication format and ISBN

3. Excerpts from reviews or endorsements garnered to date

4. A hook – stating why the publication of this book matters /will be of interest

5. Summary of what the book is about (similar to blurb)

6. Short bio of the author (including literary or expertise highlights)

7. Relevent website links

8. Contact for further information – name, email and telephone number

9. Other useful media information, e.g. whether the author is available for interview, whether copies are available for competitions or promotions


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7 responses to “What goes into a book press release

  1. Great entry. I would add to this a powerful Headline, every press release needs to grab the reader’s attention. The contact information should be included at the beginning and at the end of the press release as well.

    I usually don’t include the price or book ISBN on the press release (something to consider) but I do include a link or URL where the book can be ordered.

  2. JV

    I read a lot , but dont have plan to write anything. But it is good have a inside look of press release for books.

  3. At least half the press releases that authors send to me about their new books fail to include perhaps the most critical piece of information: where to buy the books.

    Also, how about including a website URL where people can download tips or a free chapter from the book—a great way to get people to your website.

  4. Hi Joan,
    Whenever I submit my press release to PRWeb they include all that information and links. I do have the picture of the book, where to buy the book, my website and on my website there is a media kit the media can download free of charge. I also have a link to a free chapter of the book.
    One thing I need to create is the tips for people to download and an incentive gift for them to purchase the book. Thanks for letting us know about the importance of those three details.

    Clary Lopez

  5. I’d like to just clarify – press releases are for the press, and other marketing/publicity activities are for potential book readers. Book press releases for the press either require a copy of the whole book, or not. If you are in doubt, call the publication to check. Free chapters can be a good PR activity for potential book readers.

  6. This is great advice…if what you want is another book review that very few will actually read. If you’d rather have a feature story about you and your book, you need to write a news release that starts with a ‘benefits to the reader’ or interesting grabber headline and then provides a story that engages those readers. Sometimes, that story will be published as-is; other times, the publication will follow-up with an interview and feature story that people will read. In either case, more people will read editorial content than book reviews.

    Think about telling a story rather than announcing yet another new book (one of maybe 175,000 new books this year), but make that story urge people to read the book or, at least, find out more!

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