Sunday interview: Bernardine Kennedy

Do anything and everything with a smile, says UK women’s fiction author Bernardine Kennedy. She is published by Headline and has her own website and blog.

1. What kinds of marketing have you done as an author?

I’ve done book signings, stock signings, local press interviews as well as other mags where I might fit their readership! Also library talks and book festival talks and panels. I basically do anything I’m offered. Even the local Ladies Luncheon Club and the Salvation Army.

2. What marketing did your publisher do?

They always send advance copies to the press and to magazine editors, as well as to anyone else I ask them to. They also send out very good press releases and will always mail me if they are approached about interviews that might ‘fit’ me!

3. What essential things about marketing did you learn that you wish you’d known from the start?

Most papers and mags are inundated daily with books and press releases so it takes a really good hook to get the reviews and interviews. The hook can be either related to the book or to the author personally.

4. What did you learn during your experiences of trying to market your books?

That although my book may be the most important thing in my life at that time I’m actually just one of the many thousands being published. An author has to work at marketing, it doesn’t just arrive on the doorstep with a grin.

5. What’s the most successful piece of marketing you’ve done?

Probably getting some short stories and features out there around publication date. My name and the book’s title and publication date were mentioned at the bottom. It definitely helped.

6. What advice would give for authors starting out with marketing their books?

Do anything and everything with a smile and get yourself known as approachable. Go into bookshops and introduce yourself when its NOT publication date and you don’t want anything from them. Payback will come at publication time when they remember you.

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