Business cards

So, it seems that no one uses Bebo!

I lunched today with a lovely author. At the end as we were leaving I gave her my business card. She didn’t have one. When you meet people – booksellers, othor authors, journalists – you want something concrete to give them with your details. If you’ve not got author business cards yet – get some.

Business cards should include your name, the fact you’re an author, your phone and email, website/blog URL and you can also mention if you’ve room your latest titles. With digital printing business cards are very inexpensive.


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3 responses to “Business cards

  1. Good point – and people should strongly resist the temptation to print their own on the old inkjet. No matter how you do it, they usually end up looking tacky and cheap.

    Even a plain white card with your name and contact details, professionally printed, is better than a home made job.

  2. Bebo is a social networking site along the same lines as MySpace, except IMHO its easier to use.

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