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Rules for radio interviews

Radio interviews are a gift. They give the opportunity to talk in depth about you and your book. I’ve uploaded on MySpace an interview I did as an author on radio which did just this. I know this interview got results because the day after the studio called as they had lost the press release but were still getting calls the next day asking for the book details.

Rule 1 – always mention your book title. Repeatedly if possible, but at least three times if you can.

Rule 2 – make sure the station has your press release which must include information about where the book is available to purchase, title, author and ISBN.

Rule 3 – Speak more slowly than usual.

Rule 4 – Try not to say umm and ahh or any other annoying inflection.

Rule 5 – Keep the sound of your voice upbeat and make sure you vary your tone.

Rule 6 – If a question throws you, be honest and ask for it to be repeated.

Rule 7 – Don’t waffle ever. Take a moment to think what’s you will say before you start speaking.

Rule 8 – Prepare beforehand by writing yourself a list of key bullet points about your book you want to get across during the interview. One of these is the title and others should be the key hooks which you want to communicate about your book. Have this list in front of you during the interview.

Rule 9 – Also prepare by making sure you have answers to those typical but annoying questions authors always seem to get asked. e.g. Where do you get your ideas from?

Rule 10 – Your final preparation should be making sure you understand what your interview is about, the programme it’s included in, and who you’ll be interviewed by. And that you’re happy with all this. You don’t want any nasty surprises on the day. If you feel you’ve not been given enough information, get your publicist on to this in advance, or if you are doing your own publicity, call the station and speak to the programme editor, presenter or one of the researchers. They will be happy to help.

Rule 11 – While you are waiting for the interview to start make sure you breathe deeply and have had a drink. Test your voice to make sure it’s sounding normal – not dry or croaky. Suck a throat sweet if this helps, making sure to remove it before you’re on air.


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