An author’s best friends…

… should be (cut out and stick on your fridge if you’re of frail memory):

1. True friends and family – they will buy your book and turn up to your launch party, actually enjoy it and tell their friends.

2. Your publicist – I would say this… but honestly publicists have enough rubbish to deal with so make their life easier and you’ll get the favour repaid threefold.

3. Your editor – even when the pain is all over, keep him or her on your Christmas card list.

All obvious so far, yes?

4. Your local booksellers and librarians – need I say more. Maybe. Before your book is out, take a walk in your town and introduce yourself to every outlet that deals with books. In person. No excuses. If it’s a chain bookshop and they look blankly at you or start muttering about head office smile sweetly and walk away. In the UK some chains are more flexible at branch level than others.

If you’re local to Wood Green, London, go and meet Simon Key and Tim West who are opening a new independent bookshop there.

Any favourite independent bookshops? Do share.


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